Thursday, May 9, 2013

Oliver Meets His Siblings

The kids were SOOOOOO excited to meet their new little brother. Andrew and Zane were at school all day and then had to wait even longer until Oliver decided to make an appearance so they could come to the hospital and meet him. Eric let the kids hold their new brother in order of age. Andrew got to go first and was as proud as could be. Zane was a very close second. He really does love babies and has gotten so much better about adding them to our family.

Lucy was over the moon. Seriously and completely enthralled with her new baby brother. She has been such a nervous wreck for the past week while we waited for baby to come that I didn't know how she would react but she was all smiles and so thrilled to see him. She seemed frustrated that Oliver wasn't an easier name to say but she got all the sounds out and in the right order and that made her go from crying to laughing. Gwen got on board with the name right away and for all that she said she "hates boys" she surely seemed to like her little brother. I bypassed the 'boy' part and just asked her if she thought he was cute and very sweet. She smiled and said yes. Then she wouldn't stop touching his sweet little face and head and checking out his little ears. I think all is going to be fine with her and Oliver.

Reid was a total quantity unknown in this puzzle of kids. He would point to my tummy and say baby but it is hard to know exactly how much of it he understood. However he was so excited to see Oliver and wanted to hold him right away. He walked over to Andrew (when Andrew was having his turn holding Oliver) with his arms out as though Andrew was supposed to just hand the baby over to him. Yeah, we are going to have to watch him like a hawk! When it was finally his turn he was enthralled. And he was less excited to see me than I thought he would be. I think me being in the bed and wearing something unfamiliar was unnerving to him.

The next few days will be a big adjustment at home. The kiddos are all so excited and it is going to be a three ring circus of people wanting to hold Oliver. But we will survive it and the thrill will eventually wear off and it will be back to business as usual with all of us.

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Amie Youngren said...

Congratulations Werner Family! Another blessing! May the peace of God rule in your hearts and home as you adjust to one more blessing in it.