Sunday, May 19, 2013

RIP Hugo Viggo

Hugo Viggo (Zane's fish) has left our family. I think we weren't giving the fish enough light. Last week he started looking bad, swimming/burying himself in his rock. Laying on his side and not doing well. Midweek Eric and I noticed that he had died but Zane was in utter and complete denial. Friday night we finally broke the news to him and he took it quite well. Zane wanted to bury Hugo Viggo in the back yard near where Betsy was buried. Andrew went out to help him find a good spot. Zane had a small burial ceremony for him (and even kissed the fish before laying him in the ground).

We went and got a new fish on Saturday. This fish is named Hugo James and looks like he might be red and blue. Hopefully we have the problem with the fish figured out. I don't know how many more funerals/cemetery plots we can fit.

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