Tuesday, May 7, 2013

One More Night

This is our last night as a family of 7. Tomorrow morning I will be induced (if labor doesn't start naturally before hand) and this little man is going to make an appearance. Since this is the first time I have made it to an induction date it is different. I KNOW that this is the last night our family will be this size. So we had to take a picture.

When I got home from my appointment this afternoon and told the kids that their new little brother would be here tomorrow they were all SUPER excited. Andrew is almost beside himself with excitement and Zane is a close second. Gwen and Reid are both feeding off the energy of the big kids and Lucy is excited but scared. I can tell she is a bit scared because she keeps asking me about me dying at the hospital. I am doing my best to reassure her but frankly there isn't a lot I can say. I went through that when I was a kid too. You just have to ride it out and live through it.

After our normal picture the kids insisted on a picture of stinky feet. Oh my goofy crew. I love them so much. Can't wait to see what this new little boy is going to add to our family.

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joanna said...

I love how your baby bump is in the first pic. You guys have an amazing, fun and loving family! Can't wait to meet the new little man and hear the wonderful name you've picked for him. hugs!