Saturday, October 12, 2013

Andrew's Soccer Season

It was a crisp morning for soccer and I managed to remember my camera! Andrew's team has been on fire this season. They won the first 5 games that they played and now it is time for a rematch for all the teams.

Unfortunately there were several kids that couldn't be at the game this week and it really cost them. They normally play 9 on the field (8 players, one goalie) but there were so many kiddos absent we only had 7 players and a goalie.

It cost us dearly. We had no subs and the boys played their hearts out the entire game with little to no break in the action.

Andrew played defender the whole game and did quite well. He was in there hustling away and was beat by the end of the game.

Final score was 7-3 with us getting our first defeat of the season. They did great though and we were all really proud of how well they worked. If the we had been playing even and had a sub it would have made all the difference in the world.

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