Friday, October 4, 2013

Kid's Cross Country Fun Run

The local high school sponsors a free kids fun run every year for children preschool through 6th grade.

Kids can place within their age and gender for each race. Four different races happen each year and this year Andrew was in the oldest age category for a race.

The race was about a mile long and he worked the slow and steady method. He started at a good pace and just kept on motoring!

Reid and his buddy Isaac were like twin whirlwinds during the races. They are full to the tippy-top with energy and there is no limit to the amount of mischief they can get into.

They tried to break their heads about 300 times.

When it was all said and done Andrew took 5th place in his grade for the race! He was so excited to receive his special placement ribbon.

Great job Andrew!

Zane was instructed that running was the actual objective of this race. Not walking or strolling, actual running.

 Zane's race was about three quarters of a mile long. He did a great job of it! I can see that all those days of soccer practice are really starting to pay off.

Zane ran the whole race and it was great to see. He didn't place in his age group but we are so proud of him for giving it his best shot! Much better than the IronKids run this summer.

He MAY have skipped across the finish line. I am going to take what I got though.

Lucy and Gwen were running together in the kindergarten and preschool race category. Their race was the shortest at only a half of mile. But that is pretty far considering how short their legs are!

Lucy was off with the group and so ready to run!

Gwen took off too. She is a prancing type of runner but it gets the job done!

By the end of the race Lucy looked pretty tired but one of the high schoolers pretended to chase her for a little bit and that got her running like the wind again.

Gwen just kept trucking and ran the whole race. She did so good and gave a great effort.

In fact Gwen gave such a good effort she took second place in the preschool category! We were really surprised and super proud.

And how did Gwen celebrate? She posed for absolutely every picture. You see her twisted foot and angled body? Yep, anytime she saw me point the camera in her direction she did that. Where on earth did she learn that move? Certainly not from me!

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