Saturday, October 5, 2013

Soccer Beast

We gave Lucy the option of activity this year. I told her she could either do ballet or play soccer. There was a piece of me that hoped she would say ballet. I have done a lot of years of soccer already with the boys and thought that a more sedate and girly type of activity might be fun. But Lucy insisted that she wanted to play soccer. There was no doubt or hesitation in her answer at all so I dutifully signed her up for Rockets.

Can I just say that I was wrong? I clearly did not understand how Lucy worked at all because this little girl becomes ALIVE when she plays soccer. She is ecstatic for each and every piece of the game. She loves the running, the ball handling, the competitiveness. She is lit up with joy and passion for the game. It is something that completely makes her tick.

In all honesty, Lucy's team is not terribly good. There are a couple of girls that don't seem to really want to play and since the age group they are in only had enough girls to make 3 teams they play against the same aged boys. It isn't ideal and they get creamed most weeks but Lucy does her best to try and make up some of the distance. I am not even exaggerating when I say that she is the best player on her team. It is with shock and awe that I watch her tear up the field. (Check out the hip check she gave this little boy on the opposing team in the picture below.) She gets her athletic ability from Eric and I am floored that I had anything to do with the creation of this little lady. I am looking forward to watching her play sports for years to come. I will be the very proud cheering mom on the sideline.

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