Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Oliver Benjamin: 5 Months Old

To celebrate Oliver's 5 month's of being alive day we headed in to the doctor. Ollie has had a nasty sounding cough for about 3 days and with pertussis being as common as it is right now I was getting a little panicky.

End result of the doctor's appointment was a diagnosis of mild bronchitis and prescription for zithromax. The doctor didn't want to give it a chance to settle or migrate anywhere since Ollie is pretty little still and not able to cough super hard yet.

 Since we were there they weighed Ollie and he is a whopping 18 pounds 14 ounces. Big guy! The doctor looked at him and said, 'Well he hasn't been missing any meals has he?' Yep, he is a bruiser. And I will be moving him into 12 month sized clothing. He is just a big guy. Sweet as can be though.

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