Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pumpkin Picking

I might as well burst into song about traditions in my family because each and every October I do a post about pumpkin picking. It is true that we head to a pumpkin farm to hunt for the perfect carving gourd when the weather turns crisp. This year has been especially busy with all the soccer games but with beautiful weather today we took advantage of it and swung by Carleton Farms right after Lucy's game.

 Since Lucy went to the pumpkin patch already this week and got a pumpkin and Zane is set to go on Tuesday with his class at school, only Andrew, Gwen, Reid and Oliver needed pumpkins.

I stopped getting a pumpkin years ago. Too many to carve and gut without me having one of my own to worry about. But I do enjoy the whole process and the kids are very picky about which pumpkin they want.

 We even ran into a family friend who took a family photo of us. I love it when that happens. We are not the easiest group to document these days.

Then we took our pumpkins back to pay for them and wash them up. The boys were very excited to ride in the wagon.

Ollie seemed to think pumpkin hunting was fun. He was happy as can be in the carrier with me. He even seemed to like the wagon ride.

All scrubbed up and ready to carve. We even managed to avoid anyone getting super wet in the water trough.

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