Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Andrew's Big 10

To celebrate Andrew's 10th birthday we chose to have dinner at Red Robin and then come home and open presents. Today was a very long day for him because he was filled with anticipation about what he was getting for a present.

Once we got home from dinner we sat down to have Andrew open his presents. At first glance he had no idea what he had gotten. He opened it up and said, "What is it?" I said, "What does it say?" Andrew said, "A nook?" then "A NOOK!"

He was pretty happy and had to finish opening the accessories that he got as part of his present. A package of screen covers, a light and a cover rounded out his birthday presents for this year.

Now comes the hardest part, waiting for it to charge! We finally got it signed in and registered and ready to read. He will be good to go when morning gets here.

Now to just decide what books he wants to download. And I need to get it set up so we can download library books too.

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