Monday, July 1, 2013

More Summer Fun

Oliver was awake this afternoon while the kiddos were playing in the pool so I brought him outside with us to sit and the shade and enjoy a nice breeze. Reid found Oliver fascinating in his little seat so this...

led to this sweet grin...

which led to Reid giving him kisses...

which led to SUPER big smiles.

And maybe a squeal or two.

The big kids had a blast playing in the pool. Currently the girls are playing mermaid, dolphin and swimming lessons.

Today Zane and Lucy decided to do magic tricks too. They would invent tricks which often required me to look away or shut my eyes as the magic was performed. It was very cute and they were playing nicely together. With those two kiddos it is either they play great or they fight horribly. I was glad it was a play nice type of day.

We had a scrumptious dinner of kebobs and rice and then it was back into the pool for more fun. This round the kids played 'volleyball' and monkey in the middle and the girls 'swam' under the water and Reid ran around like a crazy man jumping and landing square on his butt. Fun night with my crazy little family.

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