Saturday, July 20, 2013

Camping Mountain Loop!

The kids LOVE camping. Eric LOVES camping. So. We went camping on the one weekend that was going to work for us through the rest of the summer.

Eric's campsite philosophy is "Free site required, bathroom/running water negotiable" This is a stark contrast to my philosophy which includes some type of a toilet, flushing preferred.

However, I love my kids and I love my husband so off camping we went for the night. The boys talked for months last fall about how they had never gotten to go camping so we were pretty determined to not let that happen again this year.

Our first choice campsite was taken so we went a bit farther up Mountain Loop and ended up finding a spot with river/water access and a nice little spot for the tent and fire.

Right after we got camp set up we headed down to the water so the kids could play and throw rocks. See that rock in Lucy's hand? Yeah, that one hit Zane in the head about 1 second after I took this picture. He has quite a lump to show for it too.

After a quick time playing we headed back to the camp to make dinner. Hot dogs, chips and soda. Dinner of champions!

Oliver was such a trooper during the camping trip. He got carted around in his bucket seat most of the time but he was a good sport and just watched all the stuff happening around him.

Once the tummies had been filled up we headed back down to the water so we could take some pictures when the light improved. Down by the water was less buggy than being up in the woods. And buggy is something that all of us hate a LOT.

My happy crew. They are great campers and such good friends. Love them SO much!

Camping with 6 kids = mildly insane parents

The kids went to play and explore with Eric. They found some frogs and fire pits while the explored some of the rock areas. Reid, Oliver and I hung out a bit with Calvin.

Happiest baby EVER

Once we finished at the water we decided to head back to camp for s'mores. Although this mom forgot to bring chocolate bars.

So we used fudge stripe cookies instead. Ummmm... let's just say fudge stripe cookies + roasted marshmallows = deliciousness. Messy but delicious.

The kids told some stories around the fire and then we headed off to bed. Bedtime was amazingly uneventful and the kids dropped off very quickly. We did discover one thing during the night. Reid snores. A LOT. And he talks in his sleep. A LOT.

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