Saturday, July 27, 2013

Aquarun 2013

The Aquarun is becoming quite a tradition with our family each summer. The kids are quite excited to participate and so am I!

This year I ran the 5k. Since I don't normally talk about my racing and stuff here I will not give the detailed version of the race. Let's just say that trying to do a race two and a half months post-partum does not translate to a swift race time.

I had fun though and my friend Joanna ran with me. Part of my problem was that we ate at the fireman's breakfast right before the race. Pancakes, eggs and ham are not exactly good pre-race food. But the fireman's breakfast is also quite a Aquafest tradition so we went with it.

I was wiped out for sure!

Next up was the kids fun run. We sent Andrew down to start the run and then sat back to watch the end of the race.

We made a mistake though. Apparently last year there were a couple of waves for the run and this year there was a mass start for all the kids.

By the time we figured it all out the race was basically over. We found one of the people in charge and asked if the kids could go run it anyway and he very nicely obliged and ran with the kids. I went to and pretty much got smoked by everyone, even the 3 year olds. I was completely out of steam!

The kids didn't seem to mind that they were running in their own race. We weren't in it for the prizes anyway.

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