Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Baseball and Birthday Celebrations

Our adventure this week took us to the Everett Aquasox game for Kid's Day. I completely forgot my camera in the car but during the game a foul ball was hit and bounced off the back of the bleachers and landed in Andrew's seat. He was very, very excited!

After the game we went back to Grandma Meow's house for an afternoon of fun with Uncle Reece, Auntie Angie and Rory.

The kids played a lot of baseball.

It was Andrew and Zane against Reece and Lucy (and occasionally Gwen). They called themselves 'the jelloheads' and it was a pretty wild game!

Oliver napped a lot of the afternoon but managed to be cranky for a bit right after dinner. He did great during the baseball game though.

We celebrated Reece's 32nd birthday with some blueberry-peach cobbler and ice cream. It was quite a big hit.

 Summer birthdays are quite the common occurrence in my family!

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