Wednesday, August 28, 2013

8 and 4 Year Old Well Child Checks

 Took Gwen and Zane in for their well child checks. Everything was going quite well with them although we had a few concerns that I needed to talk to the doctor about. Remember how I said my kids were acting off since the return from vacation? Well they were still off and added to that Reid had slept horribly.

The appointment started with the normal height and weight checks. Both kids are growing like weeds and I was happy to see them holding steady in their growth curves.

Height: 41.75" (86%)
Weight: 39 lbs. 3 oz (79%)

Height: 55" (98%)
Weight: 78 lbs. 9 oz (96%)

I wanted to talk to the doctor about Gwen's pigeon toes. She has been walking with her toes in for quite some time and it was stressing me out. Fortunately the doctor said that it didn't seem terribly bad and she feels like it will probably resolve itself in the next few years. Children's hospital won't even do anything for it until they are closer to 6 years old. Gwen also got her kindergarten shots and took them like an absolute champ. Not even a tear from her!

Zane was up next. He has always been a bleeder and gets really bad nose bleed quite often. So I mentioned it to the doctor and she recommended that we get some blood work done to see if there was anything strange going on with him. Then Zane got a wart froze. No big deal. He has had them frozen for the last few months and tolerates it pretty well. I should mention that the rest of the kids are pretty much running amok in the exam room. Lucy is not listening at all, marching to the beat of her own drum and Oliver is crabby, having been woken up from a nap to go to the doctor's in the first place. Andrew is sitting being mellow for the most part. We get done with Zane's appointment and head to the lab to have the blood drawn.

Remember how I said that Reid hadn't slept well? I think it all hit him at once. He had been a whirlwind in the office but I thought that the change of scenery would do him good and the lab usually is pretty fast. The next 20 minutes are somewhat a blur. And by blur I mean I may have blacked them out because they were so horrid. First there is a fight over who is sitting where. Kids find a seat only to decide that some other chair is better, especially when some siblings butt is in it. Reid is by far the worst offender and begins hitting any sibling that won't move. Lucy is a close second and Zane is not far behind. They both whined and fussed and fought with everyone they could. At this point Oliver is also screaming so I am holding him, doing the sway/bounce to try and keep him calmed down. I finally go and sit down with him and pull Reid on my lap. Reid has decided that he wants my seat now and Oliver off my lap entirely. I tell him no and he begins to pinch and hit me. Andrew offers to take Oliver and I pull Reid on my lap. More pinching and hitting. I grab Reid's hands to restrain them and be begins to slam his head back into my chest and kick me. I get him calmed somewhat and try to set him on the seat next to me. The pattern begins again. Now I am holding Reid like an octopus with my leg slung over his body so he can't kick with his hands/arms restrained with my arms and hugging him tight so he can no longer head butt me. 

The lab tech finally comes out and calls Zane's name. I ask Zane if he wants me to come and he shakes his head no. I breathe a sigh of relief that we are almost done and can get out of there! A very short time later Zane comes back out with the lab tech and says with a smirk 'We need to come back a different day.' I said, 'Oh no! What happened? Could they not find a vein?' The lab guy looks at me and said, 'No, he said it hurts too much and he wants to try a different time.' At this point my head might have come off my shoulders and spun around a few times. I said, 'OH NO we will not Zane Elliot! I am not coming back and doing this again. We will get this done today!' And I proceeded to drag my 78 pound almost 8 year old back to the booth and hold him down so he could get his blood drawn. End result: the blood got drawn and this goes down in the history books as my most difficult trip to the doctor ever. 

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