Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cannon Beach Carnival!

Thursday is Carnival day! And this year the theme was County Fair. There were lots of inflatables to play on and lots of fun games to play with prizes to win.

Andrew climbed the 'rock' wall. He gets his thrill seeking nature from his dad. Because those things terrify me!

 Zane won a door prize with his ticket. He got to spin the prize wheel and his choice of a gift certificate was for either a caramel apple, a smoothie or two cotton candies.

I think it is pretty clear which one he decided to take...

They even had a fun version of angry birds with stuffed animals. It was a huge hit. And since my boys really love the game they played it more than once.

Reid even played some games and was thrilled to get a balloon sword that he almost instantly popped on purpose.

Can you believe Zane powered through two giant cotton candies with almost no help? Yeah, I didn't think that was possible either until I saw it with my own two eyes. Oliver was mellow the whole time. He was such an easy baby for this trip.

 Right after the carnival was the carpetball tournament. The boys both played and had fun, even though they didn't win.

I even tried it out today and let me tell you it was so much fun! I really enjoyed playing and even won a couple of times. Now to find the space in my house for a carpetball table. Hmmmm...

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