Sunday, August 18, 2013


Right after the morning session the clouds lifted and the weather turned absolutely glorious! We jumped at the chance for a sunny and warm afternoon at the beach and loaded up all the kiddos and went.

Many sandcastle/holes were dug in preparation for tomorrow's annual sandcastle building contest. The little boys tried to help too.

There was also much crossing of the small river that is actually closer to play in than the ocean itself. The surf right in front of the conference center is actually not terribly safe to swim in. It has some pretty unpredictable currents so the river is a safer bet. Water is still cold and salty, the kids don't really understand the difference.

Even Reid was trying to swim!

Oliver is being a super tag-a-long baby. He just hung out in his car seat under the shade that we brought and nursed a couple of times. Then he took a nap. It's a tough gig being a baby and all.

And then I put the camera away and just enjoyed the rest of my day at the ocean. Wouldn't you take this as a sign the kids were done posing?

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