Sunday, August 4, 2013

Team W and Team S Do Chelan!

We spent the weekend with our amazing friends Daren and Sara in the glorious Lake Chelan. Because they live in Germany we only see them on summer vacations and even then it is not that often. We headed to Chelan to stay at a family house they had and it was AMAZING.

We spent a lot of time at the pool and since we took life jackets for the little kiddos it was actually a ton of fun.

Lucy and Gwen are absolute fish. They could have spent the entire day in the pool and not gotten out at all. In fact they are both sporting some burnt little faces from how much time they spent in the water.

Lunch on the pool deck!

 Daren, Sara and their kiddos were working through some serious jet lag so the kids did great playing in the morning and then afternoons were kinda rough. It was still great though!

Oliver didn't get in the water at all. I am too paranoid about sunburns to let him be super exposed to the sun and I hate putting sunscreen on babies. Little man spent most of the time covered up in the shade but it was fine. He did really good with it and napped a lot.

An evening view from the house deck.

Good morning from the deck!

 We managed to get a shot of all the kids together. 10 kids on vacation? No big deal! From left to right: Oliver, Zane, Lucy, Reid, Francie, Owen, Averie, Andrew, Gwen, Eli.

Francie and Reid reminded me so much of Andrew and Averie at the same age. When our oldest two were right around this age we flew to Japan to go visit Daren and Sara. I have so many pictures of the two of them together and it is so amazing to think that so much has changed in 8 years.

 Today we headed down to the lake to play in the water some more and see if the kids would jump off the dock and into the lake.

Let's just say that my crew is not fearful of the water. Lucy jumped so many times it was ridiculous. Andrew and Zane were being super crazy and jumping a ton.

Gwen jumped in with Eric.

Reid took a turn too!

It was a great time visiting with friends, swimming and just enjoying the company. I would love to go back all the time. We may have to consider a vacation there some year!

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