Friday, August 23, 2013

Low Tide Exploring

Haystack Rock is a wonderful place to explore at low tide. When there is a negative tide there are 'Rocky Shore Interpreters' on scene to help explain about the ecosystem that exists and how it functions.

Walking around this area is like exploring the touch pool at the aquarium on steroids. There was so much to see and we had never taken the time to get down to the rock when the tide was low. We learned our lesson about a mile long walk in the wind with lots of little feet so this time we decided to drive to the public parking area. It was still a solid 10 minute walk but so much closer than the conference center.

Lucy as always was thrilled with the sea life. She just loves to look at and touch the creatures. She didn't even seem to mind the cold so much while we were there.

Andrew found some tiny little fish in one tide pool.

A very nice woman offered to take our whole families photo. I should have her come around more often because in two tries she managed to get a photo of my whole crew looking. That is nothing short of miraculous!

Eric was a master explorer and he even managed to get Reid to touch some stuff. Pretty impressive for sure.

Reid has two favorite sayings right now. The first is 'My like it' or 'My no like it' depending on the situation. Usually we hear 'my like it' when he wants some type of food to eat or something to drink. This does not necessarily mean he actually does 'like' it.  Quite often 'my like it' is swiftly followed by 'my no like it' and a mouthful of food ends up in your hand.  Reid second favorite phrase is 'zep' This is a cross between yes and yep and I have no idea why he puts the 'z' in there. It is completely adorable and I will be very sad indeed when he out grows that particular mispronunciation.

Of course Reid was also not an ecologist dream at the touch pool. He didn't grab anything and rip it off a rock but there may or may not have been a large family of sea anemones that he stepped on several times. Water could have shot out of them... a lot.

Andrew thought that this cave looked like a really fun one to go explore. Not really my thing but I bet he could con his dad into it if it wasn't completely against the rules.

Even the Ollie boy enjoyed Haystack. He has been so happy this trip in the Ergo. I have used it more with him than with any other baby. I think he is going to be happy to be carted around in it for a long time.

One thing Reid did not like about the rock was walking to it and away from it and getting sand in his shoes. Thankfully we parked much closer because Eric had to carry him all the way back to the van like a sack of potatoes.

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