Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lake Tye Youth Triathlon

The boys had been at me to participate in a kids triathlon this summer. I conveniently found one in Monroe that was on a weekend we were here so I decided to sign them up and go for it.

We got there right around 9:30 and got the boys set up in transition and all marked up and chipped up so they could go out for a quick water adjustment swim.

The girls and Reid did great just watching the other kids play in the water. They didn't even fuss that they were not getting to play.

The thing about triathlon is there is a LOT of waiting at the beginning of the race. You rush to get there and then as soon as you do it feels like time drags. Oliver used the time to take a quick nap.

Waiting, waiting, waiting for the race to begin.

 Finally it was time for Andrew's wave to start. The triathlon distance was dependent on age. Andrew had to swim 50m, bike a mile and a half and run one mile.

All the kids had an option to take a flotation device with them but we decided to let Andrew make the call whether he wanted one or not. He chose to not take one and he did great!

Zane took off for his race start a few minutes after Andrew. His race was a 50m swim, a mile and a half bike and a half mile run.

 Zane had the same option to take a flotation device with him and he chose to take a kickboard. It was a good call. I think he could have swam it but it definitely made me feel more comfortable to have him out there with something to hang on to.

Eric was in charge of transition and got the boys both off on their bike/run with no problem. It helped that neither of them were in transition at the same time.

Because of the difference in the race lengths Zane crossed the finish line first. He was very proud of himself because he ran the whole time and felt like he had a great race.

Andrew crossed the finish line shortly after Zane did. He got a little muddled on the run course and I was starting to get worried but eventually he finished. He had a great time and had a good race too.

Two proud finishers!

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