Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fort Clatsop Part 1

Andrew studied the Lewis and Clark expedition in school this year so it was a natural decision to go to Fort Clatsop where the exploration team wintered in 1805-1806.

When we got there we discovered that the visitor center was hosting a wonderful kids section. There were craft projects, coloring pages and face painting for the kids as well as some activities at the old fort site.

Gwen was full of attitude and did not want to get her face painted. She is her momma's girl and a hungry tummy brings out the worst in her.

 After we got some face's painted we headed off to look at the fort. There was this great statue of Sacajawea and her baby Jean Baptiste. Notice the smile on Gwen's face. This picture was taking after lunch.

 The fort was very interesting. There were people dressed in period costumes explaining different aspects of living in that time.

Right next to the fort there was a gentleman explaining how to write with quills and gave the kids a chance to learn.

He had some reproductions of Lewis and Clark's journals and it was amazingly tiny for using a quill pen and a bottle of ink. None of us were able to even come close to that tiny of print.

Next the kids learned about how they made table/chair legs with this contraption. All the kiddos got a chance to sit on it and try.

Then we went back to the fort to finish exploring. Reid found a tiny chair and stool just his size. He was quite proud of himself.

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