Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Cookies

Tonight we finally made Christmas cookies. I have been baking different things but this is the one that Andrew has been driving me crazy about! He really enjoys the sprinkles part and this time Zane even got into the action. I put Eric in charge of two boys and the sprinkles (the job that I knew was going to be super messy, HE HE!) and Crystal and I focused on the frosting. We could hardly keep up with two boys they were slapping sprinkles on at such a furious rate! We all had a great time and Crystal declared frosting cookies a whole lot more fun than carving pumpkins! (I have to agree)

The only downfall of the whole project was that we didn't really think about Zane not keeping the sprinkles on the cookies and before we came up with a solution there were half a bottle of sprinkles on the floor. We finally came up with the idea of a plate under the cookies and only a few sprinkles in a bowl for each cookie. You would never think Eric uptight until you see him try to do a project with the boys that potentially is messy. He just flips out. Not that I really wanted sprinkles all over my floor, but I think I took it in stride a little bit more than he did. Let me tell you there was some deep Lamaze type breathing happening and it wasn't from me!

As you can probably tell, Zane injested a few sprinkles during the process. Any guess what color he was using?

A very happy Andrew, now maybe he will back off about making cookies. I think that I am going to go crazy before Christmas gets here if he doesn't calm down. Four year old's and Christmas just go together but it can almost be too much for a mommy to handle!

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