Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone! We have had a great one this year. It was crazy and exhausting but a whole lot of fun. I found that I could only take a few pictures at the beginning because if I tried to take any in the middle I was missing out on everything. There is no slow and dignified opening of presents at our house it is a mad free for all (once all the presents have been passed out!) The only misshap was when Alice opened my mom's present by mistake and she didn't know she had until I asked my mom if she liked what I got her. We got it all squared away though, so no harm was done!
The boys did really well on Christmas morning. They are pretty unpredictable as to their wake up time so I knew that it could be anywhere from right at 6:00 to 7:30 that they would wake up! Fortunately, they started stirring around 7:00 and then we all got up. Zane was the first one up and I am sure he didn't get the idea of Christmas because he just went downstairs to watch cartoons like he normally does. Who cares that there are presents under the tree to open. Shows were on. Once Andrew woke up though everything changed. He knew what was going to happen and he definitely wanted to get on with it! We let the boys wake up Crystal and then onto presents.

All in all, everyone made out like a bandit and Eric and I got a big surprise from my brother Reece who gave us his old TV (27" which is huge in comparison to the 19" that we had) and his old Playstation 2. Neither Eric nor I have any idea how to play any of the games that he gave us but we were excited to get a hand-me-down either way!

I think the sweetest part of the day for me though was that Andrew prayed for dinner (he had been planning for it for about a week) and he said thank you to Jesus for having a birthday. It was super cute and it made me think that maybe he got it just a little bit this year.

I hope that everyone else's Christmas was wonderful as well!

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