Sunday, December 23, 2007

Elmo's Christmas Insanity

Tonight ABC showed "Elmo's Christmas Countdown" and never before has a show been more aptly named! You see, when the kids and I first started watching Christmas specials this year it was still November. We first watched Charlie Brown Christmas the week right after Thanksgiving and during that special show we saw an ad for all the Christmas specials that ABC planned to show this year. One glimpse of Elmo in a Christmas costume was enough to send my two guys over the moon with excitement. Then what does ABC decide to do to all of us but make us wait until 2 days before Christmas to air the blasted thing. For almost a month it has been "When is Elmo Christmas going to be on mommy?" until I thought I was going to lose my mind. There was a Christmas Countdownat our house alright but it had nothing to do with Santa. It has everything to do with Elmo and I have never been so glad for a show to air in my life! We have been having a countdown for weeks over when the show would be on. The worst part was that when the commercials came out I didn't know when it would air so I had to keep putting Andrew off until my TV Guide finally came and I could give him an actual date. Andrew does not deal well in the world of abstracts, he like the true facts and firm dates so a countdown is possible! Andrew finally got to the point with the Christmas specials that he informed me I needed to not tell him when they were going to be on until the night of because it gets him too wound up. He was dead right and the times that we didn't give him any warning were much smoother for everyone! I can only imagine how much fun this will be next year when Zane is super excited too. This year he just fed off Andrew's enthusiasm, next year he will have some of his own I am sure!

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