Monday, December 31, 2007

Old Friends!

I just ran into some old friends from high school at Babies R Us today! It was very exciting to see both of them since they are currently living in Washington DC and there is no way that I would have found out about them otherwise. Apparently they are expecting there first little one and are back home for the holidays. It always is strange to see people that you knew from high school but with Kelly and Jason it just seemed like they were the same people that I knew over 10 years ago (YIKES!). A very nice surprise! You just never know who you are going to meet at the store. I guess that makes it an adventure everytime you leave the house.

I finally got the few things I felt I needed to have before this new little one comes along. I went and got a new changing table pad (mine is ripped and nasty) and cover, a baby book (little girl themed of course) and a foam tub insert. I think that I have absolutely everything else that I could possibly need (with the exception of girl clothes) so this baby can come any time. Actually this baby could come today and I would be more than thrilled. Then the little one would be a tax deduction too. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion!

Eric showed a whole lot of wisdom at the store today. He just let me pick out the things that I wanted and felt that we needed and didn't say a thing over the price of them at all. I think all in all I spent $70 and several times I picked the least expensive of all the options. I got a hug, a kiss and an "I love you" for several of those things because I know that it hurts his heart to spend money where he doesn't think we need to but I also know that he would have let me get whatever I wanted because I have been so insane lately that letting me have my way is the easiest way to keep the peace! Poor guy, he will be so grateful to have this baby be born. Then he should get his mostly sane wife back, not the crazy lady that is living in her body currently!

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