Saturday, December 29, 2007

Crystal's Cooking

Yesterday Crystal went with her aunt, uncle and cousin to Seattle for a visit. (Her family was in town to see her cousin who goes to Western for his Christmas break) Eric and I took the opportunity to encourage her to go with her aunt to some of the shops in the International District of Seattle to find some of the supplies and sauces that she needed to cook for us. Well let me tell you she came home with everything she needed to wow us with her cooking skills. From now on Crystal is in charge of the Chinese food cooking. She made us fried rice (very tasty!) and her family had helped her get some meat sides to go with it. I can't wait until Chinese New Year (she is cooking that night!) maybe I will try to get her to cook before that too! Eric thinks that I need to learn how to cook Chinese food from her and I will, but I think I might wait until closer to June and then let her show me. Until then, she is in charge when I get a craving for fried rice!

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joanna said...

Oh, you are so lucky! I am sure that the Chinese food is delicious. I remember my friend in high school had an exchange student from Japan living with them. She made this delicious stuff with seaweed (I guess it was Sushi). It has been a long time since then, so all I remember is it was good. Also, I remember going to the store with her to pick up the things she needed (we lived in Shoreline where they do actually have a few places with the necessary ingredients). What a neat opportunity for your whole family to learn new things! I hope she has been having a nice visit with some of her family in town. I keep checking your blog...
Can't wait to hear news about that baby of yours! Joanna