Tuesday, January 1, 2008

No, Not the New Year Baby

Sigh, I had great daydreams and hopes that maybe we could possibly have the New Year baby. It was not to be and I guess that I am ok with that. I just know that I have an appointment tomorrow and I am hoping for good news. The boys slept through all the new year fireworks as always. I, however, was exhausted but intelligently decided to sit on the floor and work on a puzzle for 3 hours last night. My hips let me know that was a very poor choice all night long and I didn't really sleep. Fortunately (?) Eric didn't get home until 7 this morning so I was getting up when he crawled into bed. Otherwise we would have fought over the covers and bed space of which I was most assuredly taking up more than my fair share. I was going to have Penny come and visit last night but she has a super yucky cold and didn't want to leave her house which was fine with me since I do not need to add a cold to my list of complaints right now. Crystal was the only one to have fun last night. I haven't talked to her about last night but I know she was playing DDR (dance, dance revolution) with some friends and I told her to come home whenever. (How often is it new years? And I trusted the people that she was going to be hanging out with) I think she rolled through the door about 3 so she should be super groggy and sleepy today.

As always we will be going to Alice and Gene's for food and football (yes in that order!) which is always fun. Hope that all your New Year's were great!

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