Saturday, January 26, 2008

Crystal and Lucy

Crystal and Lucy finally had a chance to meet today! Crystal got back from her trip to Hawaii and landed right in the middle of finals week. To say that she has been stressed out would be a great understatement! Today was the first chance that she has had to relax and sit and hold Lucy. I thought that you should all be witness to the event as well. I think she feels Lucy is really small but awfully snuggly!

Lucy is doing really well. She even slept in her crib last night for two 5 hour stretches of time. I don't think that either Andrew or Zane did that until they were closer to a month old. Not that I am complaining! I am loving the sleep. I even left Eric and the kids at home last night and went to the opera with Penny to go see Pagliacci (awesome, awesome opera by the way, definitely one to see if you have ANY urge to try opera) and Lucy did great! I guess she slept from when I left until 9 and then Eric gave her a bottle which kept her happy until I got home at 10:30. Hooray for having a life of my own and a hubby that is willing to watch a 1 week old!

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