Monday, January 7, 2008

Maybe this week!

Well a new week has begun and still no baby. I think that I am getting myself all worked up to deliver because I delivered Zane at 39 weeks and that is technically Thursday the 10th this time. I am just tired of being pregnant although I did sleep last night which is almost a miracle. My boys are excited and Andrew wakes up every morning and asks me if I think that new baby wants to come today. I usually tell him that I don't know but I certainly hope that they do! This weekend we made "Big Brother" t-shirts for the boys to wear to the hospital. I was going to buy some but they are just too darn expensive for Andrew's size. Apparently once you get over 5T you must not want to wear a special shirt anymore. (Not the case for Andrew) I can only imagine the shrieking fit he would have had if Zane got a new shirt and he didn't. I think that the biggest difference this time is that I have no problem with the thought of going into labor. I know that it is going to be painful (bring on the epidural!!!) but I am totally ok with it and have hope with every contraction. Always before I got to this point and was on the fence about whether delivery was going to be better than still being pregnant. This time I am sure that going through delivery will be much, much, much better than continuing pregnancy. And the timing is good now since Eric is done with his take home police car. He has officially given me permission to have the baby anytime I want. Like I was holding off just for him.

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