Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Baby 411

Here is the latest info about "New Baby." I went to the doctor's this morning and got checked out. I am currently 3 cm dilated, still 60% effaced, still -2 station but everything is getting soft down below which is a really good sign. She said that she would see me next week so I think that she doesn't have much hope that this kid is coming earlier than next Wednesday. Doctor Anholm is the on call doctor on January 6th and the 9th, which happens to be my next appointment as well, so I am really hoping that if I haven't had this kid by next Wednesday before my appointment that she will offer to induce me that day so she can deliver the baby. That would be really nice but I wouldn't argue if baby decided to come naturally on the 6th either. Just once it would be nice to have my own doctor catch my kid rather than a stranger. Although by the time I get to the pushing stage any person walking by would do. Anyway, maybe I am living in a dream world but that is the way that I am seeing things right now. At least I got some sleep last night so I am not an emotional basket case over not having this baby right now. It is amazing what a little sleep with do to even out the emotional insanity! We will keep you posted on baby news as it develops. I think I might have to show Eric how to use blogger so that he can post the info when I am in the hospital. I know all your inquiring minds want to know! :)

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