Thursday, January 10, 2008

Smarter than we seem?

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I was checking out my pastors blog and he had this cool link to determine what my blog readability was. Higher than I expected but since I have been talking about effacement and dilation lately maybe the thing was unfairly biased. Anyway, I just thought this was fun!


Teresa Leigh said...

I got highschool too. HMPF. My favorite blog gets College level. How do I Achieve this?? I must try harder ;)

Little Blessings said...

Teresa- I think I checked your blog too to see how smart you were typing. Who knows how you get a college level score. Maybe big vocabulary or something.

Teresa Leigh said...

maybe I shoulda gone to college eh?

if your typing this, your not having your baby yet... COME ON BABY

Little Blessings said...

Hey now! I went to college/got the big and fancy degree and I still only deserved a high school rating! Let me tell you, this baby can come anytime and there will be no arguement from me! Hoping for today, but then I have been hoping for "today" for about 2 weeks now!