Saturday, March 15, 2008

Aquarium Fun! EMP Boredom :(

Today we went on a Seattle adventure! We have been promising Crystal a trip to Seattle and finally we followed through on our promise. The whole thing actually started with a trip to EMP with Crystal's exchange program group. We got into the museum for only $5 which was a great price since I thought it was possibly the most boring museum that I have ever been to. That even includes the super tiny Lake Steven's museum which I find more interesting. Sad, I know. Anyway, Crystal had fun there with some friends and Eric and I were amused by the science fiction half of the EMP building. The boys were bored in general but they were excited about going to see the fishies at the aquarium.

After a super quick lunch at Old McDonald's (just McDonald's for everyone else) we hustled back to the van and headed on down the hill to the aquarium. I should point out that I love the fact that Eric works in Seattle every once in a while. He scoped out good parking last night while he was at work and double checked how to get to all of the places so we didn't look like idiots today. Plus we managed to only spend $10 on parking that was really close to everywhere we wanted to be and yes that included parking by the Center and by the Aquarium.

Once we got to the aquarium I was rewarded with a super excited boy to go and see the fishies. Andrew talked to one of the employees for about 10 minutes about the different fish in one of the tanks. He was very impressed. Zane was..... well, Zane was a 2 year old who hadn't had a nap all afternoon. He was not terribly cooperative if you know what I mean but I was determined to get some cute pictures of him anyway. I think of the 50 pictures I took with him in them only about 5 have his face showing. He was just in a mood and would not agree to smile for the camera or even just hold still.

Crystal and Andrew looking cute!

One of the few of Zane that turned out!

This is what Lucy did almost all day. When she wasn't sleeping she wanted to eat. Fortunately that was not a problem!

Finally, we went out to the New Hong Kong Restaurant in the international district for dinner and had some super yummy Chinese food. Crystal even ordered some dessert for us. It was fun to see her interact with the waitstaff in Cantonese. She got awfully flustered by it but Eric and I thought that it was cool and Eric kept trying to guess what she was saying and what they were saying back. The funny part was that a lot of the time he was right. I guess restaurant conversation remains the same regardless of what culture or language you speak.

After a very long day we headed home. This was how the day affected the boys. Not bad if you ask me!

Hopefully we will have lots more adventures with Crystal before it is her time to go home :(

Eric and I made a list and it has about 7 more thing on it to do. Man are we going to be busy!

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