Friday, March 21, 2008

Piddle Piddle Everywhere

As if a piddling puppy wasn't enough, Zane decided to join the ranks of peeing on the floor last night. The kids took a bath, I got them out and dried off, brushed teeth and sent Zane into his room to get some pj's. I specifically asked him if he needed to go potty and should we sit and try. He declared NO! in true 2 year old fashion. Then I hear him opening his door and yelling "OH NO! Pee mommy Pee!" Sure enough he had peed all over his door which of course made a puddle on the carpet upstairs. I cleaned it up with considerably less irritation than when the puppy goes on the carpet and used the pet odor spray on the spot. Hey, it can't hurt and maybe it will help.

To top it all off this morning Zane decided to take off his diaper while he was still wearing his pj's (blanket sleeper variety) and pee in them. It was quite the feat. I couldn't find a puddle this time though so I think the pj's caught it all. Yeah pj's!

On a positive note all puppy accidents in the house have been of the pee variety for quite some time. Those are much easier to clean up and even though they still infuriate me I can handle them with minor amounts of gagging.

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