Friday, March 7, 2008

I love Craig's List!

I guess it would be more accurate to say that I love my hubby who loves Craig's List. I have no patience for checking all the time and being firm about how much I want to spend. I am much more inclined to just go to the store and spend the money than to wait. Anyway, Eric found us this rockin' Maclaren double stroller for $100. They normally retail upward of $250 so it was a really good deal, especially since it looks hardly used. The cool thing is that Zane and Andrew can use it too. They would be a lot to push and it is really meant for Lucy and whoever is tired but if someone is naughty that would work too!

Lucy started smiling. I tried to catch one on film but they are pretty elusive at this point. I think you will all get the drift though! 7 weeks yesterday. I can't believe it!

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joanna said...

Lucy is adorable.. are her eyelashes already that long?! So cute and I am glad that you are now enjoying smiles on a regular basis. I love your awesome stroller! That is great. I need to get back on Craigs list, I am a stroller addict. My newest is a double jogger but I have been told that you can't really jog with it because it just isn't hearty enough. I don't jog with the kids but Kaleb does so we'll see. I love the Maclaren though, I know they are all the rage in Seattle. Nice job, Eric!