Sunday, March 9, 2008

Phoenix- K9 in training

We are now fostering a K9 puppy through a lady in Snohomish. We named him Phoenix and already he is showing a fantastic prey drive. Poor Calvin has already had a toy stolen right out of his mouth but he did nothing to correct the puppy. He is just going to have to learn to be more assertive with him. The boys are warming up to the dog but they are not excited about him running and jumping up or nipping at thier clothes. We found a rag for Phoenix to chew on and that seems to be helping.

Our job as a puppy foster family is to socialize the dog and house train him. Also we are supposed to give him experiences in lots of environments (like the mall and stores) so that he won't be freaked when he becomes a working dog. Unfortunately we will have to give him up in about a year or so. I think we are learning about holding onto things loosely. First Crystal and now Phoenix. I wonder what I will be given to hold loosely next!


joanna said...

What a sweet puppy, I am sure you will have some fun times with him. You are going to be busy! He looks really sweet and he is lucky to have your family taking care of him.

Teresa Leigh said...

How adorable. Travis was making fun of calvin however. He thinks he is the Eeyore of dogs. Then it came to me. That is exactly what calvin is like! haha