Tuesday, February 23, 2010

She's Pretty

Zane, Zane, Zane. He is going to be my little boy with big crushes. I see this already. Last week I was having tea with some friends at Jeanette's house. Her oldest daughter Jessie is home for a visit and had tea and a chat with us. We came home from Jeanette's house and Eric was talking to Zane about our visit. Zane mentioned that a visitor was there today. And Eric asked if it was Jessie. I told him yes and Zane got a look on his face. Eric asked "do you think Jessie is pretty?" Zane said "yeah" and then turned beet red, stuck his bottom lip out and said "you don't laugh at me!" Totally stinking cute! He also thinks his swimming lesson teacher Hannah is cute. It just cracks me up because Andrew NEVER did this type of thing. He states a fact. Anna is cute. And that is the end of the story. He is commenting on the appearance and it has nothing to do with feelings. Zane on the other hand I think has a crush which is adorable. Especially since Jessie is 23 and Hannah has got to be close to the same age. No teasing my Zane, momma promises. You just keep telling me about it because I LOVE hearing about it!


Lakeside World Missions Team said...
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Momma K said...

Prince Zane can come over any day to visit- Jesse will be her until March 15th. What a sweet hearted lil' man. no teasing ;)
~ Jeanette