Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ahhhhh...... Sleep

Lucy has turned the corner. She is starting to sleep through the night which is so wonderful I almost can't describe it. For the last few nights she has been sleeping until 6 or 7 am. If she does wake up it is around 4 or so and then goes back to sleep. There is no guarantee this is permanent but if it is I will be supremely happy. The only bad thing is that if she starts waking back up again I have a horrible time dealing with it. Sleep is so pivotal to me. I have also been able to just feed her and put her down and she falls asleep on her own. I love that. It makes my nights so much less work. I pride myself on my babies putting themselves to sleep at a very young age. I think it is the only way I survive with Eric working nights!


Kelly and Jason said...

Please tell me what your routine is... Will goes to bed for the night so late and wakes at least 2 times to eat. Any advice is extremely helpfull! You can e-mail it or put in on here for the benefit of all interested readers.

Little Blessings said...

Ok, my routine (I will give you the Andrew plan since that is more applicable than my crazy 3 kid plan). Bedtime is always at 8. I do have shows to watch :) Watch Wheel of Fortune (not only does this signal baby that bed is coming, important letter skills could be learned, LOL), take a bath, pjs, nurse or bottle in darkened room with as little fuss as possible. I have found that this routine is best carried out by one parent or the other, not both. Example, either always nurse or always bottle at night by the same person (at least until bed time is totally routine). Then baby has no surprises and will eventually adjust to someone else doing it for them. I know several people that have daddy do all the bedtime stuff but that obviously doesn't work for me with Eric's schedule. When Eric has tried to hold Lucy until she falls asleep it has been less and less successful because she is so used to me. Once she gets a little bit bigger (and is done nursing) then it will be easier again for him to handle it. All in all, consistent routine is the key.