Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bathtime for Calvin and Phoenix

Today was the day for some doggie washing. Both dogs needed a bath and it finally wasn't raining or snowing so we could give them one. Calvin absolutely hates getting a bath. He hates the hose, the shampoo, the drying and the brushing afterward. He avoids water at all costs other than to drink it. He is very wussy that way.

Why must you torture me this way?

Phoenix on the other hand was a mystery as to how he would react. Since this was his first bath experience with us we were in for an adventure. Phoenix liked the bath no more than Calvin.

The difference was that Phoenix has not yet learned that there is no use fighting it and just accept it like Calvin has; Phoenix fought, whined and cried the whole time. Hopefully he will get over it and learn to like the water but for now he is even more work to wash than Calvin. At least we did it outside this time. Always before we have washed Calvin in the house and it is a wet mess. We have clean dogs for a while. Hopefully they will forget about baths so we can surprise them again!

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