Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Zoo

Sunday we went to the zoo right after church. We got there about 11 and quickly got in and sat down to eat some quick lunch. The kids were excited but still a little bit worn out from all the excitement of Deception Pass and Fort Casey on Saturday. Eric and I both knew that the day would probably not go quite as smoothly but we were willing to go for it anyway. There are only so many weekends left with Crystal here and we have to make the most of them!

As some of you know Crystal does not like snakes. In fact, not liking them may be the understatement of the year. Those of you who have been to the Woodland Park Zoo already know that there is a sneaky snake hidden by the orangutans. It is the only one not in the reptile house. I decided to not tell Crystal it was coming up just to see her reaction.

Crystal's reaction.

Honestly though, the picture doesn't do it justice. She let off a super shriek and wouldn't even look at it. We could barely convince her to walk by it. She got all upset that their was no warning but then she looked at the map and sure enough, a snake symbol was on it. I also drug her into the reptile house. I told her to just look at the stuff on the right though since there are no snakes in those openings. She did ok and I think liked the nocturnal house. She could have done without the snakes though!

Some of my favorite animal pictures. I stood and waited for the tiger to wake up for a long time. Sneaky little bugger, he was taking a nap on the ledge and you could barely see him. I did get some pictures though. I must say, I do love my telephoto lens!

Giraffe through the trees.

The new baby gorilla. You can even see Andrew looking at it through the glass. It was awfully cute and it just hung out by it's momma the whole time!

My favorite wild animals at the zoo!


Teresa Leigh said...

Your photos are awesome!!

joanna said...

Cute photos -- I am glad you all got to see the baby gorilla. Isn't she sooo cute! Levi wanted to take it home. He showed us at home how it crawled around on hands and feet (I asked him to show Dad because he had been at work the day we went). I feel very proud of myself that I have learned to handle to four of them "by myself" long enough to handle a zoo trip. Of course on those days we don't do any "school"
(and I don't take any photos because I am just too busy)z Thanks for sharing the photos!