Sunday, April 20, 2008

Time for Tulips

Today we braved the crazy weather and went and saw the tulips in Mount Vernon. They were very pretty and it relieved me that we got up to see them. It seems like every year I want to go and see them but I only have a small window of time to go and do it. The weather has been so crazy this year that it made it even worse. Add in my ladies retreat that I went on, Eric's strange days off and Crystal's school schedule and frankly it is a miracle that we made it at all.

A very nice lady offered to take a picture of all of us by the windmill. It is so rare that we have everyone in a picture, usually Lucy is sleeping.

The cute decorative frog. I tried to get a picture of both boys sitting on it but Zane wanted nothing to do with it. It was one of those days with Zane and pictures.

Crystal among the flowers. Isn't she so sweet!

Lucy, doing what she does best!

Another happy one of Andrew. I think I may have had more of Zane but he got tackled by another kid within minutes of us arriving at Roozengaarde so he decided to be "little stinker" the rest of the day with pictures.

The best ones I got of Zane were of him smelling flowers. He absolutely refused to smile or even pretend he was having fun in any of the other ones. Oh well, we will try again a different year!


joanna said...

So sweet, I loved the one of Zane smelling the flowers and the group shot is great! Gabe is going crazy right now trying to eat my arm, got to go! I have been getting no computer time so sorry about that but hope to get back to blogging soon,
Talk to you soon!
Ps do you think there will still be tulips there this weekend? I have a baby shower to attend on Camano Island, might make it there afterwards? My weekends have been nuts.(but fun :)

Little Blessings said...

There should definitely still be flowers. Not all the varieties were even blooming yet. Hope you have as great a day for it as we did. Any word on Jeanette yet?