Friday, April 4, 2008

Zane the Brilliant?

We went out to dinner last night and while we were there Eric and the boys went on a little walk. They saw a sign that said "No Commercial Use". Zane started pointing at all the letters and naming them. He forgot a couple of them and said the wrong letter a couple of times but Eric said that he got most of them right. It is funny because we really haven't worked on letters with him at all. I mean, we have some alphabet books and stuff and we watch an absurd amount of Wheel of Fortune but never did I think that he was recognizing what letter was what. THEN! tonight he was sitting and looking at this Thomas the Tank Engine book that he loves and he was basically reciting it. The parts he didn't remember exactly he just kinda said what was on the page from the pictures. I guess there is a benefit to reading books to my kids :) I think that he has been super sneaky with his learning while Andrew was much more obvious. Either way, it was pretty cool.

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Teresa Leigh said...

Now we know what all his sneaky devious looks are all about. "I do know what it is.. but you don't I know. "MUAHAHAHA!!