Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Andrew the Hornet

Today was a big day in our house. Andrew went and registered for kindergarten. He will be an official Hornet next year. (I won't post the school name but if you are really curious call me and I will tell you) The elementary schools in our district do all of their kinder-screening in the spring when you go in to register so Andrew got to go through all of that today. The school does a basic knowledge test (colors and shapes), a motor skills test (balance beam and scissor work), a pre-reading test (letters, numbers and general book/direction knowledge), eye sight test, hearing test and a language/speech screening. He did great in all of the different areas. The speech lady asked me if I had concerns about Andrew's speech which I did. He doesn't say a few letters super clear and so she sat down and had a chat with him. She asked him about his family and pets and immediately picked up on the fact that his "L" comes out more like a "Y". There were a couple of other ones that he struggles with but I think that the "L" is by far the most noticeable. Her recommendation to us was that we just model correct pronunciation for the summer and that by the time fall conferences roll around she would be able to tell us yes or no on speech therapy. Eric and I are pretty sure that the answer will be a yes and that is no big deal to us. We got lost of complements on Andrew's behavior and the person that was responsible for making sure everyone got to the right testing said that Andrew was the sweetest little boy she had seen and was excited to see him in kindergarten next year. We couldn't agree more! Our final stop for registration was with the school psychologist who declared him ready for kindergarten based on his test scores. We got to give our preference for am or pm school (am) and I snuck in a teacher preference based on a recommendation from my friend Joanna. So, that is done. Now we just have to wait until September. I don't know who is more excited Andrew or Me!

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Kelly and Jason said...

Hurray for Andrew! I loved Kindergarten, and I'm sure Andrew will too.