Friday, May 9, 2008

Time is Flying

It is so amazing to me how time flies. It seems like we are nothing but busy these days. Eric has had the last two nights off and they have been jam-packed with activity but yet I can't tell you really what we have done. I think all our running around and doing stuff with Crystal the last few weekends has taken it out of me. Today we went to Costco and got a whole ton of stuff. Then we came home and Eric built a soccer goal for Andrew and Zane out of an old pallet we had laying around. (Our swing set was delivered on it last year) The boys played in the yard, we ate dinner and then put the kids in bed. Bam! Day gone quicker than quick. It doesn't help that I am not feeling well right now, my sense of time is a bit whacko. Tomorrow I have a very full day ahead of me. I am having my mom and mom-in-law over for dinner (oh yeah, the respective dads are coming too!) and I have to cook, attempt to clean my house and finish my shopping. I don't know what I have been doing all week but I can guarantee you it wasn't everything I should have been doing. Somehow the week just flew on by. Anyway!

Things have been happening with the kids but I haven't been blogging it. Andrew finished yet another swim lesson session. He is still working on passing Preschool 3. Zane talks constantly about his birthday. I hope that it isn't going to be a disappointment for him. He seems to have a whole lot of definite opinions about everything that is going to happen during it. And Miss Lucy is so close to rolling over. She gets partway up on her side and then flops back. If she rolls anytime in the next 2 months it will be way earlier than either of the boys did. (Andrew 6 months and Zane 8 months) Both of the boys sat long before they rolled. Who said that kids always followed the book right? Oh yeah, I am also making Lucy cry it out at bedtime. I am a mommy with a heart of stone but it really doesn't take long at this age for them to learn to put themselves to sleep and it is so nice for me once I can just lay them down and not have to worry about them.

I am excited for Mother's Day this year. Eric always does such a nice job with the kids. I can't wait to see what they are doing for me this year. Plus I can look back and think about last year. It was 2 days before Mother's Day when I found out I was prego with Lucy. No surprises like that this year but I am sure thankful to have my 3!

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