Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Go Mariner's Go!

Last night we strapped on our adventure boots and headed down to see the Mariner's tackle the Texas Rangers. We had a good time riding the bus down to the game. It was so much less stress than driving, looking for parking that did not require the use of an arm or a leg :) and was conveniently close to the park, all while costing less than the price of gas for my van. The boys had a good time once they got used to the cheering and the loud speaker. I had ear plugs but forgot to grab them in our haste to get out the door. Lucy did really good too. She was quite the hit with a camera guy who filmed her for the big screen in the park! All three of the babies fell asleep on the bus on the way home. That was fun getting them to the car. They woke up enough to walk to the van and then crashed back out. I think Crystal even had fun at the game. She took a lot of pictures and seemed like she was having a good time cheering for the home team. It was a fun game and fortunately we won! Even better in my book. I highly recommend a game anytime you are in the Seattle area!

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