Thursday, May 15, 2008

Elmo Again!!!

Well, my guys have done it again! They both won tickets to "When Elmo Grows Up" through the local newspaper. Thank goodness for that contest because there is no way that we would be spending the money to go. They give vouchers for the tickets and you are able to get all but the most front row seats. So, we got tickets similar to last year. Hopefully they will get to experience the characters again this time. Last year Zane got patted on the head by Telly Monster. It was cute. I am looking at this as a trial run for the characters at Disneyland this summer. Hopefully there will not be any tears. Plus I can take my new camera and gets some real photos. Won't that be nice. The show is tomorrow, I will let you know how it goes!

Here are the boys coloring sheets. The one on the left is Zane's and the one on the right is Andrew's. Although I should mention that Andrew was so competitive about them winning these tickets that he colored Zane's Elmo's nose for him. I think he didn't think he was going to do it correctly. Zane didn't seem to mind though. I think that a great job was done by both of my guys!


Anonymous said...

How fun! I love Elmo! When Gillian was a toddler we watched Elmo in Grouchland weekly. I can still quote the movie and she can't remember it.

Kelly and Jason said...

I am very impressed at Andrew's coloring skills. He stays in the lines very well. I actually got a note sent home in Kindergarten for failing to stay within the lines!

joanna said...

Nice job boys! Enjoy the show! Nothing beat free :)
Have a great time. Levi loves Elmo, too. Too bad his Mommy is too unorganized to remember to turn this type of thing in to the journal!